Vinícola de CastillaOur Wines

Our highly versatile range of wines, made from 12 different varieties, provide a fitting introduction and accompaniment for wine lovers keen to explore this fascinating world.
  • Cantares


    Sparkling wines produced following the traditional Champenoise method. The perfect balance between tradition and innovation, combined to create an explosion of aromas and flavours.

  • Guadianeja Crianzas

    Guadianeja Crianzas

    Wines are aged and stored in our magnificent ageing rooms. We use only the best French and American oak barrels.

  • Guadianeja Monovarietals

    Guadianeja Monovarietals

    Embodies the typical and unique qualities of the best grapes of its vintage. We use our expertise to produce the finest expression of the characteristics of each grape variety.

  • Olimpo


    Limited series of wines made with grapes selected from our own vineyards, grown with extreme care and attention.

Vinícola de Castilla

Producing premium quality wines since 1976

Drawing on over 40 years of hard work and dedication, Vinícola de Castilla has established itself as a market leader, fulfilling its mission: to captivate the world with the magic of wine.

We are not merely a winery. We are dedication. Our roots go deep La Mancha’s soil. Our growing techniques respect natural cycles and we exercise patience to create truly unique wines whilst maintaining harmony with the environment.

Our mission is to create classically beautiful wines, with balance and harmony. Wines capable of ageing gracefully

WinesThat tell a story

A story of moments in our lives. Wines paired with unforgettable memories. Emotional moments leave their mark on those sharing them. Aromas, flavours and colours that raise a smile.

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