Leather Craft and Wine Growing

Two very different worlds, but yet, sharing striking similarities. Two Bellido family passions have been passed down the generations, making it almost impossible to put a date on when it all started.

A love of what is authentic has led them to occupy a leading position in the manufacture of leather accessories for over 60 years. This passion, coupled with a desire for perfection, became the driving force in their winemaking journey.

«In both leather and vine growing, the aim is to bring life to a natural material. Our creative work consists of knowing how to take a raw material and make it into something special».

Félix Bellido

Alto Buen Grado Vineyards

This estate with its ancient winemaking tradition, and a key stopping point for migratory herding, captured the attention, respect and the hearts of the winegrowing family. Even so, its pioneering and passionate spirit was shaped by the founding of Vinícola de Castilla.

In the early 80s the size of its vineyards started to grow, as did the enthusiasm and desire for ongoing improvement.
Years of dedication and expertise have resulted in making the dream come true. Vinícola de Castilla is now one of the most prestigious wineries in Spain. The quality of its wines is applauded by oenologists, sommeliers and wine lovers alike.

The Bellido dream doesn’t end there. The common thread of the past, present and future of this family is their commitment to the environment. The main aim in caring for the land is to ensure a sustainable future. Which is the best possible legacy for successive generations.

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